We purchased a small flock of White Dorper sheep in June 2012 and doubled it in the next few months and have continuously added to the flock since then.

Dorper sheep are leading the industry in both flavor and quality.  Sought after by some of the finest restaurants and families alike the Dorper has become the standard.  

Our sheep are on pasture 24/7 and are rotationally grazed through the citrus grove, blackberry orchard, and our pastures.  Dorper lamb is easy to cook and has mild flavor for all those that are used to the stronger more ‘gamey’ tasting lamb.  This certainly ain’t your daddy’s mutton! We would love to have the opportunity to introduce you to our growing flock and help make you a “fan of lamb." 

-Our lamb is purchased by the share, which is a whole lamb or by the cut.  

-Cuts can be purchased at the farm or delivered.