The inglorious path of the farm family

For weeks as this path was formed I didn't even notice it.  The rye grass went from seed to sprouting to up and green.  The pigs had been moved from this spot not too long before and had done a great job at disturbing the soil and tilling up the end of the summer grasses.  Every day we go out to visit the hog in the distance, bringing feed and water to him as he awaits his last trailer ride.  Sure we could have picked any route and varied the route to get to the other side of the pasture here but without much consideration we each chose this route.  The soil has become worn, compacted and in need of the pigs to revisit.  Weeds will grow here eventually to protect this bare patch from further damage but it is in restorative mode.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.36.48 PM.png

 I took this picture to remind myself that my choices become paths and those paths have consequences.  Many footsteps turned this grass into a dirt path.  No one step greater than the other but the cumulative effect of my choices has weighed heavy with consequence.  This path is a stripe of diligence and is proof that we labor persistently and daily toward the goal of family farming.   Hear this lesson from me if you can.  Our routine choice end up being our greatest.  Develop a path with purpose and stay on it as the alternative leads to a destination out of happenstance.  Your farmer has a saying "you always get what you aim for " which is my short version of these unpacked thoughts.  As a young father I aimed at a house in the suburbs, wife and kids, reliable income and a retirement fund, a Tahoe in the driveway and a big screen TV.   Guess what, we got what we aimed at and felt deflated.  When my self pity wore off, and realized that I had led my family toward this simpleton goal that was based on consumption and ego, Renee and I decided to aim differently and higher.  We decided to aim to where only faith could sustain us and trust was required.  We aimed at humility and honesty.  We set our sights on an honest life and decided to trust our kids to expand their boundaries too.  There is no manual for starting a farm or transitioning to a life of purpose other than this; change your routine.    If your routine of sleep, work, sitcoms, sleep is not rewarding then cancel your cable.   If you complain that you don't see your loved ones enough stop worshiping your overly busy schedule more than them.  If overtime is required to pay for luxuries then reframe what a luxury is.

  Our society is counting on you to consume your way through life and watch your favorite show.  The world is better off right if you do the job you went to college for and let someone else raise your kids?  There is another way young man, carve a new path.  Your path built upon purposeful choices repeated over and over and over and over.