Pork Shares from a transparent farm //taking back the local from cheaters

A topic that is somewhat dear to my heart has always been transparency when it comes to buying from and supporting local farms.  Renee and I have steered clear from this conversation mostly because we don't like to be dragged into negative talk or baited into talking badly about other operations.  The truth be told i am not ashamed to defend what I feel is right and I do believe that there are those who are willing to exploit the good intentioned family with a marketing scheme.   Local farming is not exempt from marketing ploys and untruthful businesses who are looking to cash in on our trust that local is better.   While local has built in virtue, it is not all inclusive.  Does a pesticide laiden farm who happens to be withing 20 miles of your home make for a better life for our families?  How about local re sellers of protein like eggs, beef or pork that they didn't raise but packaged?  Of course not they are taking advantage of us and it is never right to do that.


Some advocate that we transparent hard working family farms preach against this behavior and "name names",  we at the barry farm are not going to do that.  This is the alternative.  Know us.  Let us together, you and I, do the hard work of building a relationship.  I want to be your farmer.  We want to raise wholesome food for your family and for the things we don't raise or grow we will  introduce you to our friends that do.  Lets together reclaim our kitchen and dust of our canning supplies.  Let us re discover that extra square footage that is our formal dining room and invite our friends and neighbors over for an actual meal together.  To me this is how we fight the disingenuous marketing schemes that are only successful because they keep us apart.   We are the hope of transparency and the path to real food.   Our relationship will take back the work local from the marketers and demand transparency.  Transparent is the new local.