Living your Truth/ a podcast with the crew from AvenU Fitness

It was a pleasure talking life and farming with Ben from AvenU fitness at the farmhouse. If you are interested in the “why” of farming and making some changes of your own listen along as we discuss what people of our generation are looking for. You may be surprised at what you learn in this discussion. I sure was. – Geoff


Episode 3 of the PB & Gainz Podcast is coming at you.

This episode features Geoffrey Smith of The Barry Farm. Click here to get the podcast!!

We have been friends with the good folks from The Barry Farm for a good couple of years and needless to say, they have changed our lives.

They have completely changed the way our gym community sees farmers and farming.  It’s almost a disservice to label Geoffrey and his wife Renee as “just” farmers.  The label entails a much deeper meaning than we can attribute in these few words.  They are farmers, friends, philosophers, social media moguls, activists,  parents, and producers of the best pork, lamb, and chicken in the Houston area.  If I could only choose one thing to call them, it would be Community Leaders.

The Smith Family of The Barry Farm

That’s where today’s podcast takes us.  Into the world of the community farm: what that is, why it’s important, and how to live your most authentic life.  Check out episode 3 today and share with your friends and family.  They’ll love you for it.