That'll do sir.

Most agrarians are cut from the same cloth.  They'd rather work than chat.  Rarely hear them complain because there is little they can't fix.  Most are generous in spirit and in action.  They prefer to be outside and know the value to their body, the farm and their families of doing manual labor.  We know our strongest muscles are are heart and backs.  We work on little sleep, even smaller margins, and  chase enormous dreams. Our idea of a good time always involves our family.

However, i've just about had it!  This seemingly endless pattern we are in of 40 degrees, 90 percent humidity and and inch of rain every 5 days has taken its toll on all of us.  We have no high ground left, no pastures to rotate to that aren't filled with a layer of mud, and our entrance way tells a tale of soaked carhart bibs and rubber boots.  The rain is no longer helpful as we are and have been at super saturation and can only hope for run off.  In the areas that aren't mud covered standing water remains.  Just the thought of slipping my boots on in the cold to go do chores gets me down in the face.  Mostly because my rotating 4 pair of boots are still wet when I slip them on.  I mean who want to put on wet cold boots.  The pigs don't care about my feelings and when I step over the fence to feed them they willingly and readily put their faces/mouths and other pig bits on my hands/clothes etc.  And with their kisses comes a crap load of "mud".

And yet....I love this farm.  I love this family that I am honored to labor with.  I love this woman that I am forever partnered with.  I'm grateful for  a warm fireplace when I come in from chores and a 20 year old easy chair sitting right beside it.  I'm thrilled that my kids still tolerate spaghetti westerns on DVD and will snuggle up in the chair with me while I doze off a little.  I'm really happy that my darling wife has perfected her hot toddy recipe.  I'm happy that we have a shower in our back entrance that is closest to the hot water heater.  I'm crazy about the knitted socks I got for Christmas last year.

Sure it may all not be going my way lately.  Sure it seems that the man upstairs is going through some kind of blue period.  Sure the farmers and the animals are struggling to get through this but we will fight for you.  If this was just about me I'd be packed up and on a ski lift in utah by now but it isn't about me.  It's about us and for that I'll slide my feet into cold wet boots for another go round.