A rose by any other name and Thanksgiving

This is a picture of a rose growing here on the farm. She has a story to tell and her story is the reason I bought this rose as a  gift for my mother. Today this rose is in a large pot as my mother works on selling the home she lives in. This rose is called Peggy Martin and was named after a woman that had cultivated it handed down from her family but was not available commercially.  Only found in Peggy’s garden near New Orleans, when hurricane Katrina covered the rose in 20′ of salt water the family assumed that the plant would have died with the rest of her lush garden.  But to her surprise, when the Martins returned after the flood they not only found the rose still living but in bloom.   Following the storm the Peggy Martin rose was moved to Washington county Texas and  introduced commercially as a benefit to raise money for New Orleans civic gardens to be rebuilt. Cementing her legacy as not only beautiful but resilient.

     This thanksgiving more than anything else I am thankful to be included in some amazing women’s stories.  Their stories are as passionate and resilient as the Peggy Martin rose.  They have had their own taste of both disaster and renaissance through out their journeys.  But one thing remains constant. They continue to bloom where they are even when life is hard. And in those blooms men like me can see hope.   Thank you Renee Smith for your unwavering devotion.  Thank you Leslie Smith for your never ending patience.  Thank you Gwen Smith for not giving up on us.  Thank you cookie Raiche for creating a legacy of love.