A Citrus Christmas at The Barry Farm  December 18th a PWYC Celebration

I don't know about you but 2016 seemed like a long year.  As I was working around the farm this week I had an overwhelming moment of gratitude.  This farmer (Geoffrey) can sometimes get swept up in the work and easily bypass all the stuff that makes farming, and living for that matter worth while.   We are blessed to have 40 or so Satsuma trees here at the farm, that produce hundreds of pounds of citrus.  Sure we eat, juice and make jelly with them but we have plenty to share and be thankful for. This family farm has fed our family and hundreds of others just like ours and I struggle for ways to say Thank You loud enough to make you hear my very thankful heart. As you can see in the picture we have a lot of citrus on the trees.      

                             So in true Geoffrey form.....I .....have....a ....plan.    

We'd like invite you and your family to the farm on December 18th between the hours of 2-4 pm to pick citrus.  There is no charge for this event and we kindly ask that you PWYC (pay what you can).  If this time of year is tight, don't pay anything and let us say thanks with a little blessing to you.  If you want to bring your family see the new lambs and pick citrus and this is the best year of your financial life, leave a little something in the jar.  It will be honor system only. Is this free?  It sure is if you need it to be.  We will gladly tour you around the farm and of course the farm store will be open if you want to take meat home for the holiday but you have no obligation to do so.  Let us say thanks to you with what we have been blessed with.  

We do ask

- please let us know if you plan to come, by filling out the "contact" form on this website and denote the citrus event.  

-please no dogs- we love em' but not for this event.

-we'd love you to bring your children but we ask that you watch them closely and keep them safe while at the farm.

-lastly we ask you to be mindful that this is our home, not just our farm.  Be patient, kind and respectful




We certainly love ya Barry Farm family.  

Thanks for supporting our family and farm throughout life's seasons.  Now go to the home page and click contact.